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How to offer door to door steam car wash or other commercial cleaning services?

1. Please make it clear for what kind of door door mobile steam cleaning services you want to offer:
(1)For professional car wash or big area cleaning services, LPG steam cleaner is suggested to you.
(2)For home care cleaning, smaller steam machine like 220V 1ph electric 6bar HF3060 steam cleaner or HF3160V steam vacuum cleaner is suggested.
2. What kind of tools you need to prepare for the door to door steam cleaning services, let’s take door to door steam car wash services as example:
(1) A right steam cleaner(Like our Heng’An brand LPG steam car washer HA1190);
(2) To faster the cleaning process and make fresh cleaning effect, you might need help of some chemicals or brightening agents.
(3) Some necessary tools like washing gloves, towels, brushes.
(4) If you also want to offer car interior cleaning, do you need additional assistance of a vacuum cleaner? As vacuum cleaner is powered by electricity, so do you want it be powered by electricity generator or battery?
(5) If for services in a little bit far distance, you still need to think about how to deliver the steam cleaner, as it is not practical to walk the machine by its wheels. Thus, we have the following solutions for you:
1) Build a trailer?
2) A big service truck
3) Motor tricycle
4) Integrated steam scooter

Please check the following pictures to see the ways offering door to door steam cleaning services:

As a professional steam cleaner manufacturer, Hengyan can suggest you different solutions for your choices. Any inquiry is warmly welcome.


PS: Heng'An LPG(liquefied petroleum gas) steam car washer HA1190 is an idea door to door steam car wash service model, it has two steam gunjets for washing two cars at the same time, all day long and all weather working available. It has function of steam and steam humidity adjustment for car interior, engine and exterio wash.

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