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Should I get a steam cleaner with pressure as high as possible?

    Should I choose a steam cleaner with pressure as high as possible to guarantee the cleaning effect? There are different levels, functions, brands of steam cleaners, how to choose the right one for your special cleaning task? Especially for the ones who haven no idea on steam cleaners before, some neccessary guides on steam cleaner should be learnt. Even for pressure water machine, there are high pressure water machine for car wash and other commercial use, but also super high pressure water machine for removing tree skin. But we can't buy super high pressure water machine for our car wash, or it will no doubtly damage our cars.
    When talking about steam cleaner, we should be clear of one conception of saturated steam. There is a saturated
temperature, saturated pressure for the steam. You can find the steam physical parameter in Hengyan's another article of "What is Steam Cleaning?" For saturated steam, it is very dry, which is available for car interior,
engine and some electronic component cleaning.
    For normal commercial cleaning task, 6-10bar is enough, say 8bar for car wash. But can I have a saturated steam
pressure as high as high pressure water machine, let's say just about 20bar, 30bar? Actually steam cleaning is a kind of job requiring Man-Mechine Coordination, if the man works too fast or the machine works too fast, there would bring manual work or machine efficiency loss. For car wash, 8bar pressure steam car washer is just suitable. What's
more, with higher steam pressure, the power consumption will be larger.
    Of course, there are other solutions to make steam like machine with higher steam pressure, but the pressure is not from steam itself, it comes from a motor pump which needs to work all the time without stop if you use steam. This kind of steam is not saturated steam, the water rate is much larger than saturated steam. But for professional car interior and engine wash and some industrial cleaning, saturated steam is required.
    Thus, not only for steam cleaner, but also for other goods, what we need is the most suitable one with stable and good quality.
    Hengyan specialize in steam cleaner for more than 10 years, we can supply suitable steam cleaning solutions for you. We always warmly welcome any comparison with any other steam cleaners, and we have the confidence! We will also grow up to be much more stronger with your kind concern.

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