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Advantages of Heng'An LPG steam cleaner-compared with diesel steam cleaner

Advantages of Heng'An LPG steam cleaner
       ——Compared with diesel steam cleaner

   As a top manufacturer in steam cleaner industry, Hengyan holds kinds of steam generating technology and a strong R&D team to offer the best steam cleaning solutions for different customers.
   Right now, Hengyan manufactures 220-240V 1ph, 380V 3ph electric and LPG(liquefied petroleum gas) powered Heng'An brand steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners. Eletric models of steam cleaners are best eco friendly, but LPG or diesel steam cleaners have the advantages of full mobile application for door to door use.
   Someone may ask why we don't produce diesel powered steam cleaners?
   Hengyan is a company dedicated for eco friendly steam cleaners, we pay more attention on its environment effect. Diesel steam cleaner will generate big noise, black dust residual and bad smell smoke. While Heng'An LPG steam cleaner is very quiet with no smoke and no dust residual.
   What's more, by comparison with some diesel steam cleaner, Heng'An LPG steam cleaner is more powerful with less heat thermosteresis, which you can feel the temperature of the air coming out from the Chimney. Hengyan control the air temperature coming out from each LPG steam cleaner within 120 degree centigrade, while some diesel steam cleaner's can be more than 180 degree centigrade. We have ever made a test, the vertical distance to the air chimney your hand can bear the residual air of the diesel steam cleaner doubles that of Heng'An LPG steam cleaner's.
   For oversea market, the LPG steam cleaner is our hottest selling model steam machine. And recently we just make some customized function of vacuum to the LPG steam cleaner for some door to door cleaning services, so that you can really be free from city electricity system when you are out for services.
   Any questions on Heng'An LPG steam cleaner are warmly welcome.
   See more information of our LPG steam cleaner: HA1190.

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