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Where is steam cleaning & sanitizing power from?

Where is steam cleaning & sanitizing power from?

    The cleaning, sterilizing and bad smell killing power of steam car washer and industrial steam cleaner comes from the following keys:
    1. Thermal decomposition. By high temperature of more than 100 degree centigrade, steam can well degrade the dirties, kill the bacterias and germs.
    2. Steam pressure. For commercial use and industrial use of professional steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners, the steam pressure will be around 8bar or 10bar. Different from pressure water machine whose cleaning effect comes from high pressure, steam cleaner's main cleaning power is from is high temperature, and pressure will be a helping hand for blowing the dirties away.
    3. Water characteristic. Water is an idea cleaning agent for most of dirty materials, it can well disolve or carry off lots of dirties. But it is not almighty. However, even for some hard dirty, you use chemical or other way to well clean it, you still need water to wash the dirty and chemical residual away. Water is a soft material without shape, but when it is equipped with high pressure, it can even punching a hole in a steel sheet; when it is equipped high temperature, it will show wonderful cleaning performance, like we use hot water to clean bowls instead of cold water with chemical.
    4. Gas-liquid state. Take car wash for example, assisted by shampoo, pressure water has good cleaning effect for car exterior, but it can't clean car's door and window gap, as well as some other dead corners. While steam is in a state of gas and liquid, it can easily be sprayed into the corners for cleaning and driving the dirties out.

Heng’An brand steam cleaner:
 As top manufacturer of steam cleaners in China, Hengyan’s steam machines cover high saturated steam from 6-12 bar, the model range are as follows:
 1)6 bar steam cleaner for family use and car interior cleaning;
 2)8 bar steam car washer for professional high precision car wash shop for car interior, exterior and engine cleaning;
 3)10 bar industrial steam cleaner for cleaning of food machinery, hotel kitchen equipment, medical equipment, beverage lines (bottling lines, wine barrel, etc), oil field heavy oiled derrick, oiled tube, hardware, cultural relic, jewelry, etc.
 4)12 bar customized models of super powerful industrial steam cleaner for higher requirements.
 5)Above models are all for normal saturated steam, Hengyan can even customize superheated saturated steam regarding to special higher cleaning requirements.
 Remarks: The power of Heng’An brand steam cleaning machines range from 4KW to 100KW.

Hengyan is the leading company in China specializing electricity or LPG powered steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners. Any OEM is also welcome, we can also customize steam cleaning machines accroding to your practical and reasonable requirements.

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