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Video for PCB Electronic Component Oil & Dust Steam Cleaning

Video for steam cleaning performance on PCB Electronic Component Oil & Dust:
   1. By Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_RIrYZyPQ8
   2. By Youku:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzQ1NDI4MzM2.html
   The video is cleaning two pieces of PCB brought by a domestic customer from Dongguan City.

   Steam cleaner has wonderful cleaning, santitizing and bad smell killing effect for kinds of cleaning tasks.

   Besides car wash, food and beverage company cleaning, oil field derrick cleaning, hospital and hotel cleaning, etc.electronic product(like hydraulic equipment and other electric machine,etc)/component(like motor)/ parts(like PCB control board) oil, dust dirty can also be well cleaned by steam, because steam is very dry, it will not leave water residual to short out the electric system.

   What's more, for the electronic objects, the main dirties for them are oil and dust. Steam's thermal decomposition performance can well deal with them.

   As a top globlal manufacturer of electric & LPG steam car washer and industrial steam cleaner, Hengyan sincerely make the steam cleaning videos without special decroation or promotion mathods, we just frankly show you the performance of our steam cleaners. Welcome to send inquiries or orders for Heng'An brand steam cleaning machines.


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