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Why Steam is energy-water saving compared with hot water machine

Why Steam is energy-water saving compared with hot water machine?

    Steam is generated from water by electric or fuel heating, while hot water is also heated by electric or fuel.
    Let's take one drop of water in normal temerature for example, by heating, it will become hot water firstly, then the hot water will release steam.
    Here now we get a cleaning task which required 50°C drops of hot water with temperature of 99°C. Suppose each drop of required hot water came one by one, and it is at one normal atmospheric pressure(Heng'An steam car washer and industrial steam cleaner range 8-10 times of one normal atmospheric pressure). When the 1st drop of water reach the temperature of 99°C, if we spray it out for cleaning purpose, then it will be run out at the very moment we let it go. Then we need the 2nd drop of 99°C hot water, you have to heat it from normal temperature to 99°C. And the 3rd drop, the 4th drop……the 50th drop. Finally we finish the cleaning process with 50 times of one drop 99°C hot water energy.
    However, how about we reheat the 1st drop of 99°C hot water to be 100°C to be fastly turned into steam. By the characterisitc of steam and water, we can see that the density of water is more than 1000 times that of steam, thus one drop water can be turned into more than 1000 drops size of steam which can wonderfully reach the cleaning goal finished by 50 drops of 99°C hot water.
    Now we can see that, for the same cleaning task, the following two solutions:
    1. By 50 drops of 99°C hot water;
    2. One drop of 99°C hot water, then just reheat it to 100°C to get steam.
    No mater for energy saving or water saving, steam no doubtly takes of great advantages.
    What's more, for high temperature, the cleaning power, sterilizing effect, bad smell killing performance will be better.
    Then you know why we sincerely promote the steam cleaning conception.
    For car wash or industrial cleaning, regarding to the requirement of higher cleaning efficiency and power, we make 8-10bar steam cleaners.

    More information please check the Hengyan website:
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    2. Heng'An Industrial Steam Cleaner: http://hymachines.com/ProductList-2-1.html
    Model choices guide: http://hymachines.com/New-96.html

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