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Necessity of Car Care Services by Steam Car Washer in Autumn

    We just finished the Mid-Autumn Day Festival yesterday, it is not summer now, the temperature is turning cooler, but still it is hot. It is easy to get a cold in the hot and cool weather in autumn. Car is just a humanbeing, when we are taking caring about ourselves, please also pay attention to your car maintenance.
    1. Interior cleaning and sterilizing.
    After suffering from the dust, rain, sweat for a long summer, the chair, foot pad, carpet inside your loved car has been very tired and heavily dirted. Even it seems clean by looking, you still need a thorough cleaning to kill the invisible germs/bactteries. Heng'An electric or LPG steam car washers can help you to cleaning, disinfect and kill the bad smell for car interior.
    2. Tyre use and maintenance.
    Car is just like a humanbeing, then the tyre will be the feet. If you can't well and freely control it, how can you happily walk? In summer, the hot temperature is really a big problem. The tyre will rub with the road when it is running, and by the direct heating from the high temperature, it will be easily wore out, thus some will drive before spraing water on the tyres. However, after running in a whole summer, the pressure of the tyre should be a big concern to us. What's more, please also pay attention to clear the dirties in the crack of  the tyre. Heng'An steam car wash machines can clean the tyres without dead corner.
    3. Battery cleaning and maintenance.
    The electrode connecting points of the batteries are easy to show problem in autumn, please carefully check it, if there is any green oxide, please use steam or boiled water to wash it out, or the green oxide will generate car battery deficiency, or even fully damage the battery. Heng'An steam car cleaner can generate pure dry saturated steam with temperature as high as more than 100 degree centigrade, which will have wonderful cleaning effect on the battery electrode connecting points, and no worry of any water deposit to short out the car engine. And it is a piece of cake for the steam to cleaning the engine oil.
     4. Car air conditioner dust cleaning and sterilizing.
     In the hot summer, the AC is really a great helping hand for us in bringing in cool air. However, with the long time heavy work, there accumulates lots of dust and dirties. If we do not clean it in time, it will rust the condenser so as to shorten the AC service life. While the dirties will be mixed with mass of germs, as well as some bad smelling. Heng'An car steam cleaning machines can spray dry steam to make a nice cleaning and sterilizing circulation.
     5. Car exterior cleaning and maintenance.
     After spraying by the whole summer rain, the car exterior might be corroded in some degree, and the direct sunlight could bring oxidation to the car exterior. Thus, it is very important to send your car to an auto detailing shop to get a fresh wash, polishing, waxing, glazing, or coating, etc. As in autumn, with the temperature difference day and night, there will be dew in the morning or evening, if you do not well deal with the scratch, the dew might rust the scratching point. Heng'An steam car washer for auto detailing shop can well clean the dead corder and scratching points of the car exteiror, so you will get a fresh new cleaned car before other car care services.

     Hengyan manufacture 220-240V 1ph, 380-420V 3ph electric and LPG(liquefied petroleum gas) powered steam car washers with different kinds of functions. Each model of the 8bar steam car wash machine has functions of steam and steam humidity adjustment for dry steam for car interior and engine wash, while wet steam for exterior wash. Any questions please feel free to contact with us.


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