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What is the best steam?

     There are private home use steamer, commercial use steam cleaner, steam car washer, powerful industrial steam cleaner in the market with different sizes, different power, different looking, etc. But do you know what is the best steam?
     Could the watering can with an atomizing head make steam? No, this can only make frog like water. Steam coming out from steam cleaner is using electricity or other fuel(like LPG-liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, etc.) to heat the water to be steam.
     For cleaning, there are three stages of steam are required: Wet steam, dry saturated steam, over-heated super saturated steam. Heng'An steam cleaners can cover all of stages of steam mentioned.
     Dry saturated steam is available for some precision wash, sterilizing and bad smell killing. Like for car interior wash, we need dry saturated steam to kill the germs, dirties, oils, icecream, coke stains, etc. in the chair, carmat, car floor, etc. Meanwhile, we should keep the car interior not too wet. Only by saturated steam, can you get enough high temperature to kill the bacterias. What's more, when cleaning car engine, you need dry steam to protect the electronic system.
     You can see the steam coming out from the nozzle, the color is very light, sometimes blue, but you can see white color after some distance to the nozzle.
     Wet steam actually is easy to make. We only need to adjust some more water to the dry saturated steam, then it would be wet steam, like for car exterior and tyre cleaning, we need it.
     Wet steam can be seen white color from the moment it comes out from the nozzle.
     But of course, there are some steam cleaners which can only generate frog like hot water. But anyway, this kind of steam is available for some simple cleaning requirement.
     Over-heated super saturated steam, also we call the best steam. The best steam is of higher temperature and much lower water percentage. It is special required for some industrial use.
     The over-heated super saturated steam is nearly invisible/transparent. Please click the following video to see the comparison between super dry saturated steam and dry saturated steam:

      But of course, for car wash, dry saturated steam and wet steam is enough. Heng'An brand HF1060, HF1090, HF2060, HF2090 and HA1190 can fully satisfied the requirement. While HF2060 and HF2090 has one more functions of 8bar micro hot pressure water for washing thick mud.
     Anyway, Hengyan can design, manufacture and offer the most suitable steam cleaner solutions regarding to your special requirement.
     Any inquiries please feel free to contact with us.

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