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Cleaning Effect Comparison between Steam and High Pressure Water

Cleaning Effect Comparison between Steam and High Pressure Water
                      -Take Carpet Cleaning for Example

    Water is a wonderful cleaning agent, but it is not the best for every cleaning task. By adding pressure to water, it will be more powerful the remove the dirties. If the pressure is big enough, it can even destroy the cleaning object. However, if we add some temperature to the pressure water, the cleaning effect will be much better. Just like we wash bowls by cold water, you need to add some detergent or shampoo; but if for hot water, the cleaning effect is satisfied even without assistance of chemicals.
    Steam comes from water, with soft pressure and higher temperature than hot water. By humidity adjustment, you will get different degree of dry or wet steam for different cleaning job.
    Here we made a small comparison of carpet cleaning to see the performance of a 90bar high pressure water and 10bar steam cleaner: http://youtu.be/A05TWi2erBk.
    You can see that high pressure water seems fast in getting the carpet to wet, and cleaning some big dirties. However, it is a kind of general cleaning with lots of water waste. Like when cleaning the character in the carpet, the 90bar high pressure water has nothing to do with the hard dirties even when you make the gunjet nozzle near to the carpet. While it is quite different for steam, steam can wonderfully and easily remove the dirties, and make the characters like new again. What's more, steam is equipped with temperature higher than 100 degree centigrade, it can perfectly kill the bacterias, germs, etc. as well as the bad smells. Thus, compared with high pressure water's surface cleaning, steam is much more a kind of high precision deep washing protecting our environment and our lives.
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