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Steam Generating Technology-How to choose good steam cleaner

    Steam Generating Technologies: Compressed saturated steam, instant non-saturated "steam", boiler saturated steam, comprehensive integrated super saturated steam. Actually, no matter which kind of steam technology, the basic theory is to heat the water/steam to generate steam/overheated steam, only different on their special heating ways. Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, and suitable for different cleaning requirement.
   (1)Compressed saturated steam. This kind system is inserted with special small confined room, just like a small boiler for steam’s self compression to get so-called strict saturated dry steam with high temperature and low water rate. Its relationship among pressure, temperature, humidity can be easily checked out from steam physical characteristic table.But it will take around 4-8 minutes to get the normal water to be steam the first time open the machine each day, and then the steamer can be stably and powerfully used all day long continuously without any stop. Heng’An steam cleaner has improved from this technology, bringing in honeycomb type heat utilization kit to get better heat efficiency. HF1060, HF1090, HF2060, HF2090, HA1190 steam car washers and HF2160, HF2190 industrial steam cleaners are of this kind of steam generating technology.
   (2)Instant non-saturated “steam”. It is developed from home use water heater. An aluminum heating kit with small copper tube in and around is heated firstly, then the water powered by a nonstop working micro pump is injected into the cooper tube and suddenly heated by the heating kit, finally there comes out the wet steam with lower temperature. This technology can fast generate “steam” within 1 -2 minute. As the “steam” pressure is mainly determined by the micro pump,  or we can say the “steam” pressure actually is pump pressure, while not saturated steam pressure, so we can easily make this kind of “steam” with pressure as high as 15bar, 20bar or much higher. However, the “steam” is too wet, which is only available for car exterior wash, while not suitable for car interior, engine precision wash, and some other industrial cleaning requiring for higher temperature and lower water rate. Or strictly speaking, this so-called “steam” should be called hot micro water, same in performance with wet steam from Heng’An steam cleaners. What’s more, there are some deadly shortcomings of this technology, which will greatly affect the service life of the “steam” cleaner. As the micro pump has to be work all the time, which is easily and fast to get broken for sure. On the other hand, instantly heated in the small cooper tube by the aluminum kit, the water will easily accumulate scale on the tube wall, and finally will cause tube blocking. Heng’An steam cleaners less apply this technology, but only use it as a kind of assistant technology in several OEM model steam cleaners.
PS: Each model of Heng'An 8bar and 10bar steam cleaner has functions of steam and vapor humidity adjusment for wet steam. And Tech 2 steam performance is near to Heng'An wet steam, please check the following comparison for the difference of dry saturated steam and wet steam or instant "steam":

   (3)Boiler saturated dry steam. Boiler system is special for huge steam output requirement project with power of more than 100KWh.
   (4)Comprehensive integrated super saturated steam. This technology is a kind of integration compound use of some or all of the above mentioned steam technologies. For example, Hengyan will apply (1) and (2) technology in some models of steam cleaners. (1) compressed saturated steam tech will be used as first step as the main heating process to generate high saturated hot dry steam, and (2) instant tech will be considered as the second step as assistant heating to generate super saturated steam. In this system, (1) compressed saturated steam tech will supply stable pressure dry saturated pure clean steam, thus when the steam comes to the second heating process, there is no need to get a pump powering pressure any more, and the steam source is clean without any scale issue to the conveyor tube system. In this case, by two integrated heating tech, we can get water to saturated steam and finally to overheated super saturated steam which is specially required for industrial use. What’s more, we here perfectly combine the advantages of (1) and (2). Right now, Hengyan apply this technology(honeycomb steam generating tech with instant steam generating tech) on some models of our steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners, like HF1090L, HF3090, HF4090.
PS: Please check the following video link to see the difference between super saturated dry steam and saturated dry steam:

    As one of the earliest professional manufacturers of steam cleaner, Hengyan holds kinds of steam generating technologies which was separately or synthetically use according to customers different and practical requirement, offering the most suitable steam cleaning solutions.

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