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How to judge and test the steam quality?

   As there are brands of steam cleaner in the global market or in China domestic market with good quality and low quality. Especially for a freshman in steam cleaner industry, how to choose a suitable steamer with good quality is very important, as many steam cleaner sell will say they are of top quality and some even exaggerate their promotion. 
   As a professional manufacturer on steam cleaners with more than 10 years experience, Hengyan here share some basic and easy measurements on choice of a steam cleaner.
   Like a TCM doctor, we need to use “Watch, Hear, Ask, Feel” theory for the judgment.
   1. Watch. Steam is an object between air and liquid state with characteristic of water and air. When the hot dry saturated steam comes out from the steam gunjet nozzle, its pressure and temperature will drop down quickly with the distance, while the humidity will be increased fast with meeting of the water in the environment and the cool air. Thus, the longer distance from the steam gunjet nozzle, the wetter the steam is. And if in cold winter or rainy wet days, we can see steam spreading in bigger area; while in hot summer, steam can only be seen in small range and disappear in the environment.
   See the following pictures for comparison of steam with different quality and saturation degree:
  (1) Dry saturated steam: Just watch the steam gunjet nozzle, the lighter the color it is (sometimes will be blue color or very transparent), the better quality the steam is. Dry saturated steam is used for cleaning car interior, engine, dead corner and some tough dirties. And keep spraying the dry saturated steam for at least 5 minutes to see the stability of the steam. As for steam cleaner, dry steam is the core and most difficult technology, some steam cleaner could not afford dry steam spraying continuously.
  (2) Wet steam or steam like hot micro water. Check the steam gunjet nozzle, the “steam” comes out with white color, the more white it is, the wetter the “steam” is.
  (3) Super dry saturated steam: super dry saturated comes firstly from dry saturated steam, but it will be drier and hotter. By watching the steam gunjet nozzle, the steam is very very transparent, nearly invisible. But steam of this quality is mainly used for special industrial cleaning, like sterilizing and bad smell killing for food&beverage&wine factory production lines and tough oil dirty,etc.
2. Hear. Steam is air frog like something, when it comes out from the steam gunjet nozzle, it will have frictions with the nozzle, thus there will be some noise. But for steam cleaner itself, it is very quiet.
  (1) Dry saturated steam: the steam sound is sharp and fluent. The higher pressure the steam is, the sharper the sound is.
  (2) Wet steam or steam like hot micro water: The “steam” sound is lower, and sometimes it is not stable.
3. Ask. You can ask the steam cleaner parameter and performance introduction from the manufacturer or internet. Normally in the global market, there are 6bar steam cleaners for home care and normal commercial cleaning, 8bar and 10bar steam car washers, 10bar industrial steam cleaners. By asking the internet, you will see that according to steam’s physical characteristic, the saturated steam’s pressure and temperature has one to one relationship:

 Absolute Pressure  Saturated Temperature  Water Enthalpy (hf) Evaporation Enthalpy   (hfg)   Vapor Enthalpy (hg)  Vapor Density  Sound Velocity  Vapor Coefficient of Compressibility









































































   For normal commercial and industrial steam cleaner, the steam pressure is just from 6bar to 10bar. For high steam pressure of 15bar or 20bar, it will be very very big steam company, like electricity company,etc. Thus, for the steam cleaner with very high pressure, it will not be saturated steam pressure, it must be powered by additional pump or compressor, which also means that such kind of high pressure “steam” is not dry enough and with lower temperature. Actually, just directly compare our 8bar or 10ar steam cleaner with the so called 15bar or 20bar or even higher pressure, Heng’An steam cleaner will surely of better precision cleaning effect.
4. Feel. Steam is of high temperature, but you can use your hand to fast touch and feel it from far to near. Only by touching, can you feel the humidity and power of the steam. For dry saturated steam, very few water forms on your hand.


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How to judge and test the steam quality and steam saturation degree


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