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Waterless Steam Car Wash-Idea Way for Car Wash

  Waterless Steam Car Wash-Idea Way for Car Wash

    For car detailing or just for car wash, there is still no special starndard or exact rules guiding and defining it. Thus, sometimes we are not clear about some concepts. Like what is waterless car wash? What is steam wash?
    Sometimes we might also easily go from one extreme to another. Someone prefer presure water wash, which wastes too much water and cause chemical pollution to the environment. As we also wash ourselves, having bath, using lots of water and shampoo, so in our deep mind, we believe that only water can wonderfully finish the cleaning job.
    To solve the problem of water waste in car wash,we turn to another point, can we have waterless car wash? Then, someone invents some special detergent for car wash. And they promote for none-chemical with no hurt to car printing and other material. So some just use the detergent for car wash, while some others use detergent assisted by little water.
    So now in the market, we can see types of car wash, high pressure water wash, hot water wash, waterless car wash, automaical car wash, steam car wash,etc.   
    For me, which type of car wash do I prefer? If just to make the car clean, the first thing I should be clear is what is the definition of "clean"?
    We can even use a towel to make things clean. So can the pressure water or chemical, or steam. But in my mind, to get a clean car, we need clean for visible dirties, invisible dead corner dirties, bateria, bad smell, etc. What's more, for a perfect wash, clean should be firstly based on direct or indirect damage to the orignal looking, and there should be no chemical residual for future possible damage.
    Compared with pressure water wash, steam only consumes 1.5L water to wash a car, even without assistance of any detergent. 1.5L water, thus steam car wash is also a kind of waterless car wash. Personally speaking, Steam is the very wash way suitable for all of my cleaning requirement. Of course, for very very dirty cars or to faster the cleaning process, we might need some detergent spraying on the car firstly, then steam for precision wash and remove the possible chemical residual. And just by steam's high temperature by itself, we can get wonderful cleaning, sterilizing and bad smell killing effect.


    Here in the following I get you video link showing performance of Heng'An Steam Car Washer for reference:

1. Heng'An Steam Car Washer:
(1) Car Mat Steam Cleaning Performance: https://youtu.be/iF75BsWA3UE
(2) Steam Car Wash Process Demonstration: https://youtu.be/hDvWA4DIpOc
2. Heng'An Industrial Steam Cleaner:
(1) Hotel Kitchen Oil Window Steam Cleaning&Sterilizing: https://youtu.be/Ixs75sQS-EI
(2) Industrial Rusty Dirty Pump Cleanging: https://youtu.be/arWR4lUGEe4
(3) Industrial steam cleaning on production line heavy oil machinery parts: https://youtu.be/H25_jrdiaOI
3. 90bar high pressure water VS 10bar steam cleanerhttps://youtu.be/c7axFmSFrio
4. Heng'An Steam Technology and Steam Performance:
(1) How to choose a steam car washer: https://youtu.be/j6Yql-dz27U
(2) Comparison of Super Dry Saturated Steam and Dry Saturated Steam: https://youtu.be/emdDG9s413Q     (3) 30KW Super Powerful Industrial Steam Cleaner: https://youtu.be/UkuKnkd_SKk
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