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100bar steam car washer

100bar Steam Car Washer?


Please check the following 3 questions firstly:


1. If Heng An 8bar/10bar steam car washer is much more stable in steam pressure with lower floating rate but higher stable value than so-called 15bar/30bar(or even 100bar) "steam car washer", what will you choose?


2. If Heng An 8bar/10bar steam car washer's steam quality(steam saturatation degree and cleaning application,etc.) is much better than so-called  15bar/30bar "steam car washer", like Heng An 8bar/10bar steam is dry enough for car interior and engine wash, while the so-called 15bar/30bar is too wet to wash car interior and engine, then what do you think?


3. If Heng An 8bar/10bar steam car washer's cleaning, sterilizing, bad smell killing performance is much better, will you still prefer the so-called 15bar/30bar "steam car washer"?


      With above questions kept in mind, you will no doubtly turn to Heng An 8bar/10bar Steam Car Washer after reading the following passage.


1. Key Element Determing Steam Pressure ——Power?

    Under the same steam output hose, the steam car washer power "P" enough to keep the steam pressure "P" stable in a certain value without any bumping up and down. In this situation, the steam car washer output "Q1"  is balanced with steam hose output "Q2".

      The relationship between steam car washer power "W", steam pressure "P", steam density " ρ" is as follow:

     Working Theory of Steam Car Washer.jpg


       Thus, there comes the following conclusions:

        (1)Power Contradiction: The ones who promotes with 15bar or 30bar, but with same power(like 6KW for 220V single phase one gun steam car washer) as Heng An's, it is really rediculous! 

         (2) Steam Pressure Contradiction: If 100bar "steam" has the same quality with Heng'An steam, but the same power, then the "15bar" "30bar" or "100bar" could only be sudden pressure, its stable pressure should be kept under 8bar.

       (3)Steam Quality Contradiction: If the so called 15bar/30bar/100bar is stable, and it is  really in the same power of Heng'An steamer, then its steam quality must be times lower with much higher water rate, lower temperature, so it is not real steam.

         Thus, please forget the virtue impratical "15bar" "30bar" "100bar" pressure.



2. Steam Car Washer Pressure——Global Practice


       Comparising the other big brands of steam car washer in global market, the steam pressure is aslo normally set between 6bar to 10bar. As even regardless any material and technology restriment, if making 30bar steam car washer, the power will be huge, although steam cleaning efficiency is higher, human workforce could not catch up the machine efficiency, and will cause great waste of energy.



3. Steam Pressure Stability Comparison

                    ———Heng An 8bar(real steam pressure) VS 15bar(virtue pump pressure)




Working Pressure Stability between Heng An Saturated Steam VS Instant Steam



    By instant heating technology, we can easily get 15bar, 30bar or even higher pressure "steam", the pressure is actually determined by the pressure of the continuous working pump. But the high pressure is a kind of virtual pressure, which will drops in seconds with vast extent to a lower stable pressure value. As instant tech does not generate dry saturated steam, just wet steam like something, which is impossible for car interior and engine wash with too much water and no sterilizing effect. What's more, if it is a separate single instant heating tech, there will easily generate caciulm, thus Hengyan will never separately apply the so-called instant tech on our matual steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners.

Item Heng An Steam Virtue High Pressure "Steam"   Remark
Steam Pressure 8bar/10bar 15bar or more The cleaning&sterilizing power is mainly from steam saturation(temperature and dry), pressure is just for assistance. Actually, 8bar real steam cleaning performance is much better than so-called 15bar "steam".
Pressure Source Inner Self Generated Motor Heng An pressure is true steam pressure, not virtue motor pressure.
Pressure Stability 24hours  Big drop within seconds Check above barometer picture
Power 6KW 6KW According to "Energy Conservation Law" and practical test, under same gunjet nozzle diameter, if the power for 8bar saturated steam is 6KW, it will be at least 12KW for 15bar saturated steam.
Indentification Real Steam  Steam Like(big humidity) Virtue high pressure“Steam” is not real steam, it is vaporized hot water with some dirty ingredient.
Cleaning/Sterilizing Power  5 star steam car washer.jpg 2 star steam car wash.jpg Real Steam(Dry Saturated Steam&Super Steam has much stronger power in cleaning, sterilizing, bad smell killing, with less water)


4. Steam Pressure&Cleaning Performance:

        15bar or 30bar "steam" is powered by a pump, it is not saturated pressure from "steam" itself, thus honestly speaking, it is not real steam car washer. 

       If for different kinds cleaning machine, it is hard to make judgement just through the pressure. Pressure is not the only parameter determing the cleaning performance, for example, in the following videolink, "Heng An 8bar/10bar steam cleaner" > "90bar high pressure water washer" "videolink".


5. Heng An Technology:

    As one of the top factory in global market with more than 12 years professional experience on steam cleaners, Hengyan owns kinds of steam generating technolgoy, and we apply one or few of them according to different kinds of steam cleaners, user requirement and practical feasibility.

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