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Difference between Steam Cleaning & Waterless Car Washing

  Waterless car washing uses chemical detergents instead of water to clean a car. Cleaner first sprays special detergent on the car surface, and then use towel to wipe out the dust. Due to the acidity or alkalinity of detergent, it will do damage to the car surface, and so is the wiping itself. Since no water is used, this cleaning method is only suitable for simple cleaning. If a car is covered with too much mud, it is beyond what waterless washing can do. However, steam cleaning is totally different. Steam cleaning takes the advantage of heat and pressure. The heat can expand and soften the dust and degrade the oil stains. Then the high pressure steam can blow off all these dust and stains. So steam cleaning can clean up objects gently, while does no damage on them. What is more, steam cleaning can be used to clean car interior, car engine and hidden corners. At a word, it is ideal for modern cleaning industry.

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