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Problems Arising from Traditional Ways of Car Washing

1. Waste of water
  Resources like coal, crude oil are becoming less and less, and we are now all busy finding substitutes. However, water can never be substituted, yet we never think or behave to save it. The fact is that our planet is thirsting. According to statistics, out of 600 cities in China, there are about 400 lacking water, among which 130 are facing serious water problem. Though government has done a lot of projects to provide water access to every city, yet every one of us cannot avoid the responsibility to save water. If washing a car needs 50 to 70 liters of water, a car washing once per week, within a year Beijing city will use up as much water as a whole Kunming Lake (note: Kunming Lake is a very famous big lake in Beijing) keeps. In this case, water jetting to clean a car must be substituted.

  While steam only consumes 1.5L water to wash a car, and it is easy dried.

2. Heavy pollution
  Government has rules for car washing center stating they must have a settled & regular place for car washing, and good sewage system is also required. However, even these rules could not change the fact that waste water runs everywhere. Thus the car is cleaned, but the environment is dirtied. For one thing, cities are developing rapidly, and so is the growing of cars and the demand of car washing; for the other, car washing causes too much pollution which is not in accordance with high-speed city development. Therefore, a new way for car washing is in urgent need.

  Steam is free from detergent or shampoo.

3. Passive way of service
  Traditional way of car washing requires car owners to drive to the car washing center which will bring them inconvenience. Apart from waste of petroleum, it consumes customers’ valuable time. In comparison, with the help of our steam cleaning machines, one can provide door-to-door service and solve all the problems mentioned above. In one word, it is innovative in cleaning industry.

  To wash car interior, exterior and engine, all you need is just one machine. 

  If you have electricity system power supply, you can choose HF1060(220V 1ph) or HF1090(380V 3ph) 

  If you want for full mobile or door to door car wash services, LPG powered model of steam car washer HA1190 is suggested.

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