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Steam and Ways of Traditional Car washing

 Water & rag: Low efficiency is the biggest disadvantage of this kind of cleaning. And sometimes it will cause scratches on the car paint.
  High pressure water cleaning: This kind of cleaning is mostly used nowadays. However, it doesn’t mean it is the best way. Water-jetting wastes a lot of water, as many as 100 liters to wash a car and this is really demanding in areas which lack water. Meanwhile, so much waste water requires a good sewage system and also causes serious pollution, not to mention plenty of detergent they use.
  Computerized huge car-washing equipment: This is a luxury in car washing. High cost is its main advantage, and normally even a medium-size car washing center could not afford to equip it. Indeed it needs less time to wash a car; however, it wastes even more water as well
  Waterless car washing: Use chemical detergent instead of water to clean a car. The advantage of it is that it could save much water, but the side-effect is also as obvious as its advantage. Detergents will do damage to the car surface, especially the paint, and it will cause pollution as well. Besides, waterless car washing is not as clean as water or steam washing.

  While steam conly consumes 1.5L water to wash a car exterior, wonderful cleaning, disinfection and bad smell killig effect even without assistance of detergent. Thus steam is more water saving, environmental friendly. It is a deep precision cleaning way with conception of steam sauna or steam spa, it can wash visible and invisible dirty. What's more, steam machines are available for interior, exterior and engine clean.

  Suggested models: HF1060(220V 1ph, single steam gunjet), HF1090(380V 3ph, two steam gunjets), HA1190(LPG, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, double steam gunjets, full mobile model)

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