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Steam Car Wash in Winter Cold Snow Ice Area

 With winter coming, the temperature will drop down; there will even be snow in some cold areas, while this time, the maintenance or care to car is more important.
 If wash cars in the same way (by cold or warm pressure water) as in summer, there could be the following problems: the keyhole will be blocked by ice, the door might be frozen to be locked, or even the car wheels get stuck by ice, etc. As normal temperature water is easy to be frozen, hot water is easier to be iced up after cool; and for water wash and towel wipe, no matter how fast the speed it is and how carefully the workers deal with, the gap position and dead corners are hard to be washed and dried. However, steam car wash seems to be a special solution for these questions, and makes you no worry about your beloved car’s care in winter.


 Traditional pressure water(cold/hot) wash

 Steam car wash

 Comparison Result

 Water consumption



 Steam consumes less water, frog like, easily dried, hard to be iced up

 Working temperature

 Normal temperature/hot water temperature

 Normal temperature to 100℃

 Steam can melt the ice, the temperature can be adjusted as you wish, which can avoid the car surface or printing from being damaged by sudden low or high temperature

 Cleaning effect 

 Need assistance of shampoo or chemicals

 High temperature decomposition

 Steam is more environmental, better cleaning effect in oil, dust and some other dirties. While cleaning agent deposit in traditional pressure water wash will have some bad effect on car surface


 Water wash

 Dry steam and wet steam(similar to micro hot water)

 Humidity adjustment function can satisfy car wash in different dirty degree, different weather. Wet steam is suitable for thick mud and tire wash.

 Deep cleaning

 By chemical

 High temperature cleaning, disinfection and bad smell killing

 Same with traditional way of sterilizing of syringe needle in boiled water, steam is trustful.

 Car printing protection

 At least 20 bar 

 8 bar, without brute force, no bad effect to car printing

 Steam is a way of gentle care

 Gap position and dead corner

 High pressure water will be weaken without any cleaning performance in these areas

 Gas and liquid state

 Steam wash is 360 degree comprehensive cleaning

 Cleaning range

 Car body

 Car exterior, interior, engine

 Steam is more suitable for expensive car care services.

 Competition in car wash business


 Conception of steam sauna, steam spa

 Steam conception and cleaning effect attracts carwash business, and can drive customers’ consumption of other relative car care services.

Steam car wash process indication:
Cleaning process order is suggested from interior to exterior, from up to down, from right to left. In cold winter ice weather, please make a simple preheat cleaning on the surface firstly, just keep the distance between the steam nozzle and washing object around 20-30cm. When normal cleaning process begins, the effective distance is within 0-20cm, the workers can adjust through the practical washing condition.
Steam carwash in winter, warm the car, the workers, as well as customer’s heart.

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