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Steam car washer & industrial steam cleaner cleaning instruction

1. Installation. The first time using Heng'An steam car washer or industrial steam cleaner, you need to install it. But it is very easy.
 (1) For electricical models, just connect electricity system (please refer to the manual book for the difference wiremap of 220V 1ph and 380V 3ph) , steam horse and steam gunjets. If you have tap water, please also connect it to the water tank for automatic water supply. Then just push on the swtich and press the start button. After minutes preheating, you will get steam standby for use. Once open the machine, you can spray steam all day long without stop.
 (2) For LPG(Liquefied Petorleum Gas) powered models, you needn't connect to any electricity system. Just put the gas balloon into the rack of the machine behind, and connect the gas tube. And please connect the two batteries which will power the control system of the machine. After installation of steam hose and steam gunjet, open the machine for steam.
2. Steam cleaning process.
 (1) Put on protective eyewear and gloves, as well as taking any necessary safety precautions;
 (2) For pure dry steam cleaning, please spray the steam for seconds before cleaning, as the first time spraying steam, it will be cooled down by the normal temperature horse, or after shutting down the steam gunjet for a period of time, the hot steam inside the hose will be cooled down.
 (3) Steam humidity adjustment. You can adjust the steam humidity by controling the red rotary knob switch for wet or dry steam according to your special cleaning task.
 (4) Effective steam working distance and temperature. It will be suggested to do prerinse by steam firstly, just keep the distance between the steam nozzle and washing object around 20-30cm. When normal cleaning process begins,please keep the distance between steam nozzle and the cleaning object within 20cm for effective working temperature of 60℃ to 100℃ around. If the surface is of heavy dirty, please make the distance lower for better cleaning effect.
 (5) Steam cleaning process. Please do steam cleaning from interior to exterior, from near to far, from top to down, from right to left or left to right. Just keep the cleaning in one direction so that the dirty won't be drived back to the washed area by steam.
 (6) To improve the cleaning efficiency, you can also spray some detergent on the cleaning object surface or use appropriate brushes.
 (7) Use towel to absorb the residual water drops and dirty. Even steam is very dry, but when face the cold oject surface, there would generate some water.
3. Recommended steam cleaning models:
 (1)steam car washer: HF1060(220V 1ph, single steam gunjet), HF1090(380V 3ph, 2 steam gunjets), HA1190(LPG, 2 steam gunjets)
 (2)industrial steam cleaner:HF2160(220V 1ph, single steam gunjet), HF2190(380V 3ph, 2 steam gunjets)

Hengyan is the leading company in China specializing electricity or LPG powered steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners. Any OEM is also welcome, we can also customize steam cleaning machines accroding to your practical and reasonable requirements.

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