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How to choose a good steam cleaning machine

 After learning about steam cleaning, maybe you want to use steam machines in your factory, hotel kitchen, capital, carwash shop, or other working field, etc. but how to choose right steam machines with good quality, right functions and suitable prices will be what you concern about. In the following, Hengyan give you some suggestions for reference:
1. Steam quality and power. As steam is the very cleaning agent you want, so whether the steam is high saturated, whether the steam quantity is enough for non-stop working for all day long, whether the steam humidity can be adjusted are important issues. As some supplier will only offer steam like hot water which can't satisfy some dry steam wash requirements, like car interior and engine wash. And some steam machines will show you high pressure at the first few seconds, but soon the steam quality will be discounted a lot, or you even need to wait until the steam standby again. Heng'An brand steam cleaning machines will supply stable and good quality steam with humidity adjustment function.

2. Machine quality. We are not using steam for one wash, so the durability of the machine is highly required.

3. Warranty. Even human can be illed, machine could also be broken. But we require low maintenance rate machines, and easy maintainance. Professional in steam cleaning machines since 2005, Hengyan has one year guarantee for the machine, 3 years guarantee for the PCB and low maintenance rate. With modularized parts, the machines are easy to maintain too.

4. Steam cleaning solutions. Regarding to practial and effective use, Hengyan can help our customers to rightly choose stuitable models for their cleaning task, give them some solutions suggestions and wish everyone wonderfully use of the machines. What's more,Hengyan is not just a company manufacturing and selling steam cleaning machines, it has strong innovation ability and technology for customization.

5. Other issue.

6. Recommended steam cleaning models:
 (1)steam car washer: HF1060(220V 1ph, single steam gunjet), HF1090(380V 3ph, 2 steam gunjets), HA1190(LPG, 2 steam gunjets)
 (2)industrial steam cleaner:HF2160(220V 1ph, single steam gunjet), HF2190(380V 3ph, 2 steam gunjets)

Hengyan is the leading company in China specializing electricity or LPG powered steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners. Any OEM is also welcome, we can also customize steam cleaning machines accroding to your practical and reasonable requirements.

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