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Steam Peformance in Domestic/Home Environment Evaluation

  According to a professional research carried out by Dr. Peter Kite, a Lead Clinical Microbiologist, we can find that steam has wonderful disinfection effect in home care cleaning.

  Please check the following information from the Dr. Peter Kite's report:


 This work was necessary to determine the effective killing of microbes in their own environment in which they embed themselves into adhesive self–generated slime (biofilm), in moist conditions. These specific conditions are found in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, and showers. The protective biofilm can resist powerful chemical agents for prolonged periods. The condensing Super Heated Steam transfers it’s latent heat energy totally into the biofilm, which is composed of 97% water, and kills the organisms underneath. The results indicate a 90–100% kill rate was achieved. (Ref:– Domestic report.)

S/H Steam Domestic Sampling Evaluations16.05.00
 To determine the capacity of S/H steam to diminish or sterilise areas of domestic microbial bioload within a standard timeframe (30 sec) and area (1 sq ft) except where impractical i.e. taps/ showerhead.
 Sterile dry, single packet cotton wool swabs are labelled prior to use for pre and post Steaming. Immediately prior to use each swab is dipped in sterile saline and an area equivalent to 1 sq. inch is swabbed and returned to its sleeve. Post steaming an equivalent area is swabbed adjacent to the pre swab. The swabs are placed at 4°C until Plating. The swabs are aseptically cut into 1ml sterile saline in sterile bijou bottles and vortexed for 10 sec. Ten 100 ul aliquots from each sample are placed on CLED medium plates and spread with disposable sterile spreaders. The plates are incubated at 37°C for 48h and colonies counted (mean).

 Site: Bathroom/WC  Pre cc/ml  Post cc/ml  % Survival
 WC seat  150  0  0
 WC rim  500000  3000  10
 Washbasin bowl  500000  10000  2
 Washbasin taps  60000  20  0.03
 Bath interior  50000  300  0.6
 Shower Tile/grout  500000  15000  3
 Shower Head  2000  0  0

 Exposure to S/H Steam for 30 seconds kills 90–100% of Micro–organisms in a bathroom environment. The kill rate is dependent on the bioload and exposure time, and probably also on the number of sporing organisms and the presence of Biofilm. The highest microbial survival rate from the toilet rim contained all the above adverse factors. As this experiment only concerned the effect of S/H Steam and no removal element by the fabric head or brush the actual overall effect would be greater.

  Thus, we can also imagine the wonderful cleaning effect in kitchen, other household accessories. And besides steam cleaning at home, it will be also suitable for using in hotel, hospital,etc.

  Suggested model for domestic use of steam cleaning: HF3160V steam vacuum cleaner.

  Hengyan is the leading company in China specializing electricity or LPG powered steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners. Any OEM is also welcome, we can also customize steam cleaning machines accroding to your practical and reasonable requirements.




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