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Indoor and car air conditioner(AC)steam cleaning and health

  Steam will clean and beautify the AC, kill the germ, bring fresh air and health
1. Indoor air conditioner cleaning
  At the same time of bringing comfortable temperature, AC is the sole access for the circulation of indoor and outdoor temperature and air, the dust and dirt accumulated in the AC filter net would breed germs, mould, acrid, etc. thus the cleaning and sterilization of AC will be very important to our health.
  Traditional normal water or towel wash may well clean the exterior, but can’t reach the dead corner of the air conditioner. Moreover, they are helpless in deeper cleaning of sterilization and bad smell killing. Even the wash is assisted by chemicals; we still can’t make 360 degree comprehensive no dead corner cleaning with free chemical residual.
  While for steam cleaning, the industrial steam cleaner or steam car wash machine will generate 170-180℃ steam, even after 10 meters hose, the steam temperature will still be more than 100℃ which will be effective in killing bacteria. Meanwhile, steam comes from water and sprays like air, it has wonderful cleaning effect for dirty on surface and in dead corner, which will definitely suitable for AC clean. What’s more, steam is very dry, it is easy dried, and suitable for working electronic components of AC and other household or commercial appliances.

2. Car air conditioner steam cleaning and disinfection
  For interior of the car, reproduction of acarid, microbadillary brought by residual and sweat stain, pungent smell generated by mould from invisible dust, oil, insect dead body, leaves and sundries, will cause diseases to the person in the car, especially for infant. Traditional wiping, wash, vacuuming can only bring shining surfaces to fresh our eyes, but they can’t make real deep cleaning of sterilization and bad smell killing. How to clean the dead corners is also a unsolved problem.
  Most of car interior wash shop will choose chemical to clean the surface dirty, fresh the looking and accomplish sterilization, but the detergent will permeate into the chair fur, lint, carpet, ceiling, etc. which bring second pollution to the car.
  While car AC is the most important part in car interior cleaning,
  Car AC will absorb vast of smoke, dust, dirty, and store them on AC evaporator, which will no doubt generate large amount of germs, acarid, etc. under certain temperature and humidity environment, and finally be harmful to human physical and psychological health. A person in this environment will appear the symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, nausea, chest distress, or even coma, etc. If for long time, he will suffer from respiratory disease, like amygdalitis, trachitis, pneumonia, etc. While for patient, his condition may even be aggravated. What’s more, the yellow staphylococcus which we can see easily will generate a kind of strange smell; the dust and dirty will also discount AC’s efficiency in refrigeration and heating.
  Traditional car AC cleaning is mainly trying to spray detergent or disinfectant into the AC. But through steam car wash machine, you can finish a steam circulation in the AC, the steam will be sprayed from one of the entrances and coming out from others, bringing you fresh air and healthy car life.

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