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Home & Public Steam Cleaners for Cleaning, Sterilizing and Bad Smell Killing

 No matter at home or in public, by breathing, touching, eating, watching, we have to face dust, dust mites and other germs or bacteria, pollution, smoke, chemicals, etc. each day. To guarantee our health, to give us a good mood, to provide us a nice environment, we require to fresh the air, clean and disinfect the household material (table, sofa, and desk), kitchen, floor, washroom, air conditioner, refrigerator, car, bed, small restaurant, fast-food shop, etc.
1.Thorough Cleaning Product——HF3160V Steam Vacuum Cleaner
 The HF3160V commercial strength steam vacuum cleaner (160°C/320℉ ) is perfect for commercial users or is an incredible steam vacuum cleaner for residential use. HF3160V is an idea solution for a high quality steam cleaner for cleaning, disinfection, bad smell killing and residual dirty sucking in household maintenance, tile restoration, hotel, restaurant kitchen, washroom, etc.
 We should pay particularly close attention to cleanliness of the environments. Various cleaning devices are used inefficiently for thorough cleaning; equipment like mop, vacuum, chemical and broom are not the best solution, as they might well clean the visible dirties, but steam clean make deeper cleaning and sterilizing for visible and invisible dirty and germs. Hengyan is proud to introduce its HF3160V steam vacuum cleaner with steam and vacuum integrated functions.

  Steam Cleaning Theory: http://hymachines.com/New-83.html
 2.Wonderful Steam Cleaning and Sterilizing Solution
 Instead of cleaning and vacuuming dirty out of your bed inefficiently and spending countless dollars on new dust mite mattress pad covers and other subpar items, the use of a Heng’An Vapor Steam Vacuum Cleaner into your routine to effectively kill all dirties and germs on treated surfaces. The heat produced inside the steam cleaner is transferred to the surface in the vapor; the dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens are instantly killed and then absorbed in to the vacuum cleaner. The intense jet of steam quickly breaks through and blasts away at bio films left on surfaces to insure the highest level of cleanliness. The vapor steam produced by our Heng’An Steam Cleaners is considered to be a pure dry vapor steam, completely removing the risk of mildew and mold growth, also reducing the exposed areas to very low humidity as to not promote growth of bacteria. With the elimination of chemicals, bio-films, dust mites, allergens and bacteria, it’s easy to see how quickly the simple use of a Heng’An steam vacuum cleaner for home/public could increase quality of life.
3.Steam Clean Home and Effectively Remove Odors
 With the use of a commercial grade steam cleaner for your home you will also be able to remove odors that are trapped in porous surfaces such as mattresses, sofas, pillows, couches, chairs, carpets, rugs, and any other surface. The heat mixed with the low moisture produced by the steam actively works to open the pores of a surface and work deep down to extract the odors and dirt that are trapped and unable to be removed with traditional cleaning methods effectively refreshing your environment’s air.
Not only will you be able to clean, disinfect and remove odors but you’ll also be able to successfully clean your whole house chemical free, reducing your exposure to harsh cleaning products and chemical films.

4.Other Recommendations:
 1)For professional car wash shop steam cleaning, please choose professional steam car wash machine of HF1060, HF1090, HF2060, HF2090, HA1190.
 2)For industrial steam cleaning, please consider about HF2160, HF2190.
 3)For other special requirements, please contact with our sales manager for customization issue, we will give you satisfied and practical solutions.

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