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FAQ:Will steam wash damage the car paint?

1. Questions: Steam is very hot, thus when carrying out steam cleaning process, will the car paint be damaged by the heat?
2. Answer: No!
3. Reasons:
 1) Characteristic of car paint. Car Paint is highly weather resistant and supposed to endure extreme cold and heat.
 2) Practice proof. It has been around 10 years history of steam car cleaning, and it is mainly applied to interior, extrerior and engine wash of expensive cars. Hengyan has customers specially managing car detailing for BMW, Benz, Audi,etc.
 3) Steam Charateristic. Steam is in gas/air like state. Different from hot water, it is easy to release the heat during the process of transportation. Thus even the highest temperature inside steam generator is 170-180°C or even higher, but after conveying in the 10 meters long hose, the output temperature will drop by 30-40°C and finally the Max temperature in steam gunjet nozzle will be around 120-140°C. Then when steam is exposed to the atmosphere, the temperature will drop fastly. In the distance of 20cm from steam gunjet nozzle, the steam temperature will drop to around 60°C. Our suggested cleaning distance between the cleaning object and steam gunjet nozzle is within 20cm. What's more, you can touch steam from far to near quickly to feel how hot and how dry the steam is. Hengyan will suggest each of our customers to judge the steam quality by touching it in seconds. Only by touch it, feel it, watch it and even smell it, can you check out which is the best steam. Heng'An brand steam car washer is an idea choice for you.

Recommended steam car washer models:
1) Best cost performance: HF1060(220V 1ph, single steam gunjet), HF1090(380V 3ph, 2 steam gunjets)
2) Full mobile portable model for door to door car wash services: HA1190(LPG, 2 steam gunjets)
3) For cars with very very thick mud models(with 8bar micro hot pressure water function): HF2060(220V 1ph, single steam gunjet) and HF2090(380V 3ph, 2 steam gunjets)


Hengyan is the leading company in China specializing electricity or LPG powered steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners. Any OEM is also welcome, we can also customize steam cleaning machines accroding to your practical and reasonable requirements.

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