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How to run a automotive car steam wash business

 Nowadays, car wash industrial competition is very fierece, by typing "car wash" in google map search engine, you will find there are so many results. But more and more poeple are having their cars, and car is similiar to pet somehow, so loving car is a way of loving life. When watching so many dirty cars in the parking center, in the streets or in the deparment areas, you might feel hot in heart, you want to join in the car wash industry.
Heng'An steam car washer may help you in the following issues:
 1. Market competivity in promotion conception: Steam sauna, steam spa. Steam has wonderful cleaning, sterilizing and bad smell killing effect. Steam can fresh our cars and fresh our life.
 2. Environmental protection without sewage system. As steam is water saving with 1.5L water to wash a car exterior compared with more than 100L by pressure water washer.
 3. Free of chemical residual. Even you use chemical to assist for car wash, steam will well degrade and clear the residual.
 4. Profitable.
   1) You can use steam car washer for fast car wash in carwash shop or in parking lot, door to door car wash,etc.
   2) You can carry out high precision inteirior, engine cleaning which will be more profitable compared with car exterior wash.
   3) Other profitable car care serivces. For automotive detailing, car wash is only the first step, and there are more profitable serivces like coating film, waxing, polishing, etc. Steam wash will attract more expensive car customers who may consume more car care services.
   (PS: You can contact with Hengyan for more information, like washing process, charges of different steam washing levels)
   5. How to start the steam car wash business now?
  1) Invest wisely in steam car wash machines for the right model with right functions. Steam car wash machines have to be the first priority of the investor. There is no use or purpose of spending extravagantly to buy the so-called best machines. On the other hand, it would be disastrous to buy the cheapest machines. You need to do a bit of home work before making the purchasing decision.Heng'An brand of steam car washer offers you the following choices:
   a. HF1060 and HF1090 are the best cost performance 220V 1ph and 380V 3ph electric models with steam and steam humidity adjustment function, so that you can use dry steam for interior and engine wash, while for car exterior, you can adjust wet steam.
   b. HF2060 and HF2090 are more preferred for washing cars with very very thick mud for the additional function of 8 bar micro hot pressure water. This water function is very gentle with lower water consumption than high pressure water machine. 

   c. For car interior steam cleaning, you can think about HF3160V steam vacuum cleaner for steam and integrated vacuum function.

   d. If your electricity system is not stable, or the electricity is very expensive, or you want to offer door to door car wash services, or you just want to do some steam demonstration in the parking lot, please choose LPG-Liquefied Petroleum Gas powered model HA1190, it also has two steam gunjets.
   e. Other customized models according to your special requirements. Hengyan manufactures and sells high quality stable steam car washer or industrial steam cleaners regarding to customers' practical use. We can customize steam machines with more functions(like coin token self service, super powerful steam, powerful pressure water,etc) or different lookings, but firstly and more importantly we will confirm the feasibility, practicality with the customers.
   2) Well decorate your car wash shop and make your car wash conception of steam wash.
   3) Well clarify the auto detailing program you have, diversify the charges according to different levels of steam wash.
   4) Skilled demonstration of steam wash and suitable promotion online & offline.
   5) Assitant tools and green chemicals. Steam has wonderful cleaning, sanitizing and smell killing effect, but to faster the cleaning process, you can use some tools and green chemicals to faster the cleaning process.

 Hengyan is the leading company in China specializing electricity or LPG powered steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners. Any OEM is also welcome, we can also customize steam cleaning machines accroding to your practical and reasonable requirements.

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