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Guangzhou Bus Steam Cleaning

Warmly Conratulate The New Project of Steam Cleaning on Bus in Guangzhou

  Last year the project of bus engine and air conditioner cleaning in Zhongshan Eight Road in Guangzhou started. Normaly for bus washing, they will use high pressure washer. But how to well do cleaning, sterilizing and bad smell killing on car engine and air conditioner is not easy done by pressure washer. And if they only use chemical to finish the process, there might be chemical residual. Finally they found us, visited our company and test our machines for times and made orders to us. They prefered our 8bar HF2090 multi-functional steam car washer with functions of steam, steam humidity adjustment and 8bar micro hot pressure water.

    On April 24th, another bus cleaning project in Luogang district in Guangzhou cooperate with us. This time they preferred our new model 10bar indstrial steam cleaner with dual heating technology for super saturated steam.

    We talked with the professional workers who have used our steam cleaners for bus wash for one year, they said our steamers were in good quality, and also gave some practical suggestions to us on making some adjustments on the gunjet nozzle. They said steam has good cleaning effect even without assistance of chemical, but the bus engine is too big, to faster the cleaning process, they will spray some chemical firstly, then steam will fully show its power in moving dirties, disinfection and chemical removal.

Guide on bus cleaning:
      1. Different from car wash, bus is bigger, and the wash requirement is not as precision as required by car wash. Thus you can make steam wash the bus by assistance of some chemicals.
      2. For bus exterior wash, we can develop/customize steam machine with higher pressure water function, like 20-100bar.


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