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How to choose a suitable steam car washer or industrial steam cleaner

How to choose the right model of steam cleaner for you

  Thanks for your kind concern and support to Heng’An brand of steam car washer or industrial steam cleaner firstly.
   From our website "http://www.hymachines.com/ProductList-1-1.html" , catalogue and other information to you, you may find that Hengyan has so many models of standard steam cleaners and customized models.
   Here in the following, Hengyan guides you on how to choose the right model of steam cleaner:
1. How to choose a steam car washer?

How to choose suitable steam car washer?

2. How to choose a industrial steam cleaner?
   The same process as choosing a steam car washer. But for industrial steam cleaner, the process will be easier:
   1) If you electricity system can be 380-420V 3ph, you can choose 10bar HF2190.
   2) If your electricity system can only be 220-240V 1ph, you can choose 10bar HF2160.
   3) Other customized models, like our super powerful 30KW HF3090 and 60KW HF4090, etc.


Heng’An Steam Cleaning Solutions

   As a top professional designer and manufacturer of steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners, Hengyan masters kinds of advanced steam generating technology, multi-functions integrated technology, scientific and beautiful design skill, as well as customer-oriented conception. By ten years of developing and with support from our customers, Hengyan can offer series of steam cleaning solutions regarding to different industries. What’s more, Hengyan can customize steam cleaners according to customers’ practical and reasonable requirements. For steam cleaning industry, Hengyan can do more than you can think.


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