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Can I have two steam gunjets for 220-240V 1ph electric steam car washer

Question: "Can I have two steam gunjets for 220-240V 1ph electric steam cleaner?"
Answer: No and not suggest to.
   1. Input decides output. HF1060 and HF2060 are 6KW steam cleaner, they are available for spraying steam all day long without stop, while the steam saturation and pressure still keeps high and stable all the  time. If we add one steam jet more, the steam generated is not enough to bear two steam jets working together with stable and idea steam saturation and pressure.
   Considering the man-mechine coordination efficiency, we suggest 6KW for each of our standard steam gunjet, thus for two steam gunjets, at least 12KW power is required.
   2. Loading capacity. For 6KW steam cleaner, 220-240V 1ph electricity system have to bear the current around 30 ampere. If we apply 12KW to the 220-240V 1ph electricity system, the current will be too high to bear.
   That's why we don't offer bigger electricity consumption steam car wash machines or industrial steam cleaners for  220-240V 1ph electricity system, but we can make 30KW or even 60KW industrial steam cleaners with several steam gunjets.

   Heng’An Steam Cleaning Solutions

   As a top professional designer and manufacturer of steam car washers and industrial steam cleaners, Hengyan masters kinds of advanced steam generating technology, multi-functions integrated technology, scientific and beautiful design skill, as well as customer-oriented conception. By ten years of developing and with support from our customers, Hengyan can offer series of steam cleaning solutions regarding to different industries. What’s more, Hengyan can customize steam cleaners according to customers’ practical and reasonable requirements. For steam cleaning industry, Hengyan can do more than you can think. But for standard models of steam cleaners, we just highly regards users' experience for best cost performance.


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