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How long the steam hose can I have?

How long the steam hose can I have?
    Can I have a hose as long as I want for steam car washer of industrial steam cleaner? What is the longest steam hose I should have? Is there any standard?
    Hengyan's standard length for steam car washer is 10 meters, for industrial steam cleaner is 5 meters. But for special requirement, we can make some suitable changes based on other supporting adjustment to the steam cleaning machines.
    Then why can't we provide longer steam hose?
    Different from hot water, steam is easy to decrease in pressure and temeperature in the hose transportation system, and it will release the heat to the environment. The longer the hose is, the wet the steam is. Hengyan just provide suitable length of the hose regardind to different tests based on different cleaning tasks.
    Of course, for some special requirement for longer hose, Hengyan will have solutions for you to get you high saturated steam even after long hose transportation.


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