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HF1090S Self Car Steam Washer

Voltage Rating:  380V-420 V    Alternating Current
Rated Power:  12kw/h    (Standby no loss)
Steam Pressure: 0.7-0.8 MPa  (Be equal to water gun  28bar)
Highest Steam Temperature :170℃
Effective Operating Temperature Range: 60℃-120℃
Steam Saturation Capacity: 26kg/h
Continuous Work Time: Non-stop, All day long
Tank Capacity: 18 Liters (Can automatically supply by external water connection)
Material: Stainless steel, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating

Product Functionality:
        1.High precision operating system and all-steel evaporimeter, stable steam, durable in use!beautiful design, fine workmanship. Multifunctional use!
        2.Dry wet regulatory function,water shortage presentation, automatically supply by external water connection in all-weather
        3.Water and electricity separation technology,leakage protection, safe and reliable! Simple and convenience to install maintain.
        4.The unique cleaning design of tank bottom, cleaning up the scale easily!

Two Steam Pipe, Two Vaporchoc, One Spray Nozzle, One Towel, One Brush, Operating Manual, Operating VCD

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