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    HF3060 Portable Steam Cleaner Product Introduction:

    HF3060 Electric Car Interior Steam Cleaner/ Home Use Steam Cleaner


    (1) Home care cleaning, sterilizing, odor removing: Window, carpet, kitchen, refrigerator, air conditioner, chair, sofa, desk, etc.
    (2) Hotel room cleaning and disinfection;

    (3) Hospital room and equipment cleaning, sterilizing;

    (4) Private car cleaning;

    (5) Other commercial cleaning.



    Voltage Rating:  220V-240 V  1ph  Alternating Current
    Rated Power:  2.8kw    (Standby no loss)
    Steam Pressure: 0.8 MPa  (8bar or 120psi)
    Highest Steam Temperature :170℃
    Effective Operating Temperature Range: 60℃-120℃
    Steam Saturation Capacity: 5.8kg/h

    Size: 600mm x 300mm x 510mm (L x W x H)

    Weight: 30Kgs
    Continuous Work Time: Non-stop, All day long
    Tank Capacity: 6 Liters 

    Material: Stainless Steel, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating



    HF3060 Features and Advantages:

    (1) Multi-function in cleaning, disinfection, bad smell removing.

    (2) High temperature and real best stable steam pressure.

    (3) No need of detergent.

    (4) Good at removing the stains and oil.

    (5) Real dry saturated steam with better cleaning performance.

    (6) Mobile and portable.




    Working Theory:

    Steam cleaning takes the advantage of heat and pressure. The heat can expand and soften the dust and degrade the oil stains. Then the high pressure steam can blow off all these dust and stains, and it will be better with assistance of towel or glove. So steam cleaning can clean up objects gently, with no damage on the surface. The high pressure has another advantage, that is to clean up corners, which traditional water-cleaning cannot compete with. Besides, the low humidity of the steam makes it able to clean electronic components, doing no harm to the circuit inside. Moreover, because of its heat, it has the sterilization effect as well.


    Accessories and Spare Parts:
           1. Steam hose 1pc;

           2. Steam gunjet 1pc;

           3. Towel 1 pc;

           4. Brush 1pc;

           5. Fuse 2pc, etc.

    Cleaning Performance

    HF3060 portable steam cleaner has wonderful cleaning, sterilizing and odor removing performance on household disinfection cabinet.

    Oil, Dust, Bacteria, Dead Corner can be perfectly cleaned.

    Steam Cleaning Advantage

    Why to choose steam for normal cleaning?

    1. Wonderful Cleaning Performance:

         Steam's high temperature will heat the dirty molucule and make them moving fiercely, the molecular repulsion power is bigger than molucular attraction power, so the dirty becomes easier to be removed. 


    For heavy duty oil, its viscosity will be also lower down apparently with the heating temperature by steam.

    2. Sterilizing and Bad Smell Killing:

    3. Higher Cleaning Efficiency:

                                       8bar or 10bar steam cleaner             VS               100bar high pressure water washer     
      Like for cleaning the character on carpet, 100bar high pressure water machine is not effective, while steam cleaner shows wonderful effect easily.

    4. Chemical Saving:
         Regarding to eco-friendly issue, government also supervise very strictly on chemical use. Many companies use lots of chemical during the processing cleaning process, which will generate big chemical pollutions.

    5.Water saving: example for 1.5L water can wash one car--One stop wash.
       High Pressure water wash: 100L wash one car.
       So steam will be much much more water saving. If you use dry saturated steam for car wash, and there is no water residual.
    1 drop water can output much steam.

    6.Healthy life: Real cleaning, sterilizing, bad smell killing, 360° no dead corner, visible&invisible dirty wash. 

    Heng An Advantage

    Why to Choose Heng An Steam Vacuum Cleaner

    1)Top technology:Holds Honeycomb,instant heating, boiler tech, etc.  2)Honeycomb tech: Much better design, higher heat conversion rate.
     3)Real steam with best saturation: not virtue pressure wet "steam" like  4) Best quality steam: Super steam+dry saturated steam+wet steam
     5)Strong steam output for all day long heavy duty work. 6)Real stable steam pressure, not pump powered virtue pressure with big drop.
     7)Instant steam generating, steam standy all the time.  8)Humidity control: Adjustable for wet steam.
     9)Automatic control: PCB control with default display.   10)Modularized parts for Easy Maintenance.
     11) Durable: Stainless steel body, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating      12) Multiple safety protection measure: Digital detecting(pressure, temperature, water level); alarm protection system; Safety valve; Shutdown protections of over-pressure, water shortage, electricity leaking and accident.
     13)Self Clean: Unique cleaning design for easier self cleaning!  14)Certification: CE (European Certificate) & National QS Test.
     15)Warranty: 1 year, with additional spares with machine delivery.  

    Heng An Steam Quality:

    1. Comparison with Others:

    (1)Dry Steam Comparison

    (2)Wet Steam Comparison:

    2.Self Comparison:  Dry Saturated Steam VS Super Steam

    Heng An Steam Pressure Stability:


    Heng An Steam Cleaner Bulk Order Delivery:

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