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    Thailand Product Introduction:

    HF1090L Luxry Cabinet Steam Car Wash Machine (380V-420V 3ph)
                                 -----Car Interior/Engine/Exterior 360° No Dead Corner Cleaning

    Main Points:
    1. Luxry design for beatiful auto detailing center or for distributor demonstration.
    Two Guns for Washing Two Car at the same time, nearly equals to 2 sets of 220V 1ph one gun steam car washer.
    3. Real Dry Saturated Steam Car Washer.
    4. Best Quality Saturated Steam + Super Steam.
    5. Stable Steam Pressure for all day long heavy duty work.
    6. Real Steam Pressure, while not virtual pump pressure with big loose.
    7. Strong Steam Output.
    8. High Saturation. The Humidity is 2-5 times less than so called "steam" like cleaner. Heng An steam car washer is real available for car interior & engine wash.
    9. Humidity Control. Get wet steam for car exterior wash.
    9. Cleaning, Sterilizing, Odor Removing--One Station Wash.

    HF1090L Luxury Cabinet Steam Car Wash Machine's Show in Fairs. (with optional 360 degree rotated hose arm)

    HF1090L working performance

    Structure of HF1090L Steam Car Wash Machine(Take HF1090 for Example)

    HF1090L Steam Car Wash Machine Parameter

     Power resource  380V-420V AC 3ph, 50-60Hz
     Power  12KW+2KW (Standby no loss)
     Steam Pressure  0.8 MPa (8bar or 116psi), saturated steam pressure, not pressure powered by a pump, much better cleaning performance than so called virtue "15bar" or "20bar" "steam" pressure.
     Steam Gunjet Qty  2 (Can wash 2 cars at the same time, all day long heavy duty work available)
     Max Steam Temperature  200℃
     Effective Operating Temperature  60℃-120℃ (cleaning, sanitizing, bad smell killing)
     Water Consumption Rate  26kg/h
     Functions Real dry saturated steam, wet steam(humidity control), super steam
     Continuous Work Time  Non-stop, All day long
     Size  920(mm)x440(mm)x780(mm)
     Net Weight  100kgs
     Tank Capacity  18 Liters (Can automatically supply by external water connection)
     Material  Stainless steel, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating
     Hose Length  10meters(2pcs)
    Warranty  One Year
     In Stock  Yes

    HF1090L Steam Function:

    1. Super Steam:

          (1) Function: Higher cleaning, sterilizing and bad smell killing performance;
          (2) Humidity: Much drier than dry saturated steam;
          (3) Temperature: Hotter;
          (4) Looking: Very light color in steam gunjet nozzle, nearly invisible.
          (5) Advantages: Best for car interior and engine wash, even for cold days or wet days.

    2. Real Dry Saturated Steam:

    3. Wet Steam ( Steam Humidity Adjustment)

    HF1090L Steam Car Wash Machine Cleaning Process:

    (Car Exterior Wash by HF1090L Wet Steam, Car Interior&Egnine by HF1090L Real Dry Saturated Steam&Super Steam)

       As HF1090L doubles the power of 220V 1ph one gun steam car washer, HF1090L can be operated:

       (1) Washing two cars at the same time, double the cleaning object quantity:

       (2) Each gun wash one side of the car, double the cleaning efficiency:

    HF1090L Steam Car Wash Machine Packing, Accessories& Spare Parts

    (Take HF1090 packing as reference)

    HF1090L Cabinet Two Guns Steam Car Wash Machine

    Cleaning Performance

    HF1090L Cabinet  Luxury Steam Car Wash Machine Performance:

    1. Carmat Steam Cleaning:


     Chemical Wash

     Steam Wash

     Surface Effect  Good Cleaning Performance  Good Cleaning Performance
     Sterilizing  Depends  Kill Bacteria, Germs, etc.
     Bad Smell  Cover Smell by Detergent Aroma, not Really Remove  Really remove the bad smell
     Chemical Residual  Yes  No
     Humidity  Very wet on the cleaning surface  A little bit wet

    2. Car Wheel Steam Wash:

    Can wash with different steam humidity according to the dirty condition. Wonderful clean the oil in the rings.

    3.Car Engine Steam Washing:

    Use dry saturated steam for the engine cleaning, less water rate with no harm to the electronic system.

    4. Car Exterior Steam Clean:

    (1) Can adjust the humidity according to different dirty condition.
    (2) Can clean the dead corner which can not be washed by pressure water.

    5. Car Interior Steam Cleaning, Sterilizing & Bad Smell Killing

    (1) Real dry saturated steam for car inteiror cleaning;
    (2) High temperature steam for steam sauna/spa to get cleaning, sterilizing and bad smell killing performance for health;
    (3) High precision steam wash for every corner.


    6. Heavy Oil Dirty Cleaning

    By high temperature, steam can wonderfully wash the heavy duty oil dirty.

    7. Steam Sterilizing & Bad Smell Killing

    By high temperature, steam can have wonderfuly sterilizing effect to bring healthy car life. Thus, steam cleaner can be also used for disinfection work in food&beverage&wine&water company.

    Steam Car Wash Advantage

    Why to choose steam for car wash?

    1. New way for car wash business with more opportunities:

        Now in auto detailing service center, most use traditional high pressure water, but if there is a better new way, why don't try it? It is for your new business, also new choice for customer.

    2. Multi functional: Car interior, engine, exterior wash.
        1 steam car washer can do the whole car cleaning. What's more, interior and engine cleaning will bring more profits than easy car exterior wash.

    3.Water saving: 1.5L water can wash one car--One stop wash.
       High Pressure water wash: 100L wash one car.
       So steam will be much much more water saving. If you use dry saturated steam for car wash, there is nearly no residual water left on the ground.

    1 drop water can output much steam.

    4.Environment friendly: Chemical saving. 
       For traditional high pressure water car wash, you need: water rinse-lots chemical-pressure water-towel.
       For steam car wash, you only need: steam-towel.

    5.New conception: Steam sauna, steam spa to attract client.

        As a customer, if there is a fresh new way with attractive new service, he will try it.

    6.Healthy car-human life: Real cleaning, sterilizing, bad smell killing, 360° no dead corner, visible&invisible dirty wash. 


    Steam Car Washer Application:

    (1) Fixed car wash shop;
    (2) Open parking lot;
    (3) Supermarket parking center;
    (4) Underground parking lot;
    (5) Residential community parking area;
    (6) Door to door mobile service;
    (7) Auto after service center,etc.

    Heng An Advantage

    Why to Choose Heng An Steam Car Wash Machine

    1)Top technology:Holds Honeycomb,instant heating, boiler tech, etc.  2)Honeycomb tech: Much better design, higher heat conversion rate.
     3)Real steam with best saturation: not virtue pressure wet "steam" like  4) Best quality steam: Super steam+dry saturated steam+wet steam
     5)Strong steam output for all day long heavy duty work. 6)Real stable steam pressure, not pump powered virtue pressure with big drop.
     7)Instant steam generating, steam standy all the time.  8)Humidity control: Adjustable for wet steam.
     9)Automatic control: PCB control with default display.   10)Modularized parts for Easy Maintenance.
     11) Durable: Stainless steel body, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating      12) Multiple safety protection measure: Digital detecting(pressure, temperature, water level); alarm protection system; Safety valve; Shutdown protections of over-pressure, water shortage, electricity leaking and accident.
     13)Self Clean: Unique cleaning design for easier self cleaning!  14)Certification: CE (European Certificate) & National QS Test.
     15)Warranty: 1 year, with additional spares with machine delivery.  

    Heng An Steam Quality:

    1. Comparison with Others:

    (1)Dry Steam Comparison

    (2)Wet Steam Comparison:

    2.Self Comparison:  Dry Saturated Steam VS Super Steam

    (HF1090+ has been updated with super steam function)

    Heng An Steam Pressure Stability:


    Heng An Steam Car Washer Bulk Order Delivery:

    Delivery Preparation

    Heng An Steam Car Washer in Fairs:













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