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    HF1090LS Steam / HighPressure Water / Vacuum Cleaner Product Introduction:

    HF1090LS Self Service Steam & High Pressure Water & Vacuum Cleaner

    Main Points:
    1. Multi Functions with Strong OEM Ability: Steam, High Pressure Water, Vacuum all in one.
    1. Two Guns for Washing Two Car at the same time, nearly equals to 2 sets of 220V 1ph one gun steam car washer.
    2. Real Dry Saturated Steam Car Washer.
    3. Available Washing of Kinds of Dirties.
    4. Stable Steam Pressure for all day long heavy duty work.
    5. Real Steam Pressure, while not virtual pump pressure with big loose.
    6. Strong Steam Output.
    7. High Saturation. The Humidity is 2-5 times less than so called "steam" like cleaner. Heng An steam car washer is real available for car interior & engine wash.
    8. Humidity Control. Get wet steam for car exterior wash.
    9. Cleaning, Sterilizing, Odor Removing--One Station Wash.

    Self Service Control:
    1. Coin token;
    2. IC/ID card;
    Other Optionals: Wechat Scan Control, Remote Control, etc.

    1. Real Dry Saturated Steam

    2. Wet Steam (Humidity Control)

    3. High Pressure Water

    4. Vacuum

    Voltage Rating:  380V-420 V    Alternating Current
    Rated Power:  12kw/h + 1.3kw/h    (Can OEM for other Power)
    Steam Pressure: 0.7-0.8 MPa 
    Water Pressure:10Mpa
    Highest Steam Temperature :170℃
    Effective Operating Temperature Range: 60℃-120℃
    Steam Saturation Capacity: 26kg/h
    Continuous Work Time: Non-stop, All day long
    Tank Capacity: 18 Liters (Can automatically supply by external water connection)
    Material: Stainless steel, Hi-Q sodium silicate for heat preservation & insulating

    Two Steam Pipe, Two Vaporchoc, One Spray Nozzle, One Towel, One Brush, Operating Manual, Operating VCD












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