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    HF3060D Portable Mobile High Pressure Steam Cleaner Product Introduction:

    Portable Mobile High Pressure Steam Cleaner                                         

    ♦Effective Cleaning    Sterilizing/Disinfection   Deodorizing+Remove Chemical Residual    Eco+Water Saving

    HF3060 New Steam Cleaner

    1. Application:

    (1) Air conditioner cleaning, sterilizing, deodorizing.

    (2) Home care cleaning: Window, carpet, kitchen, refrigerator, chair, sofa, desk, etc.
    (3) Hotel room cleaning and disinfection;

    (4) Hospital room and equipment cleaning, sterilizing;

    (5) Private car cleaning;

    (6) Other commercial cleaning.

    2.Special Design for Portable Commercial Cleaning: 


     HF3060D Steamer Design.jpg



    3. HF3060 New Model Advantages:

    (1) Nice Cleaning Performance

    AC Steam Wash

    (2) Multiply Appication:


    <1>Kitchen Range Hood, Cooker, Sink, Refrigerator, Toilet Wash

    Kitchen Toilet Steam Wash



    <2>Sofa, Curtain, Bed, Climbing Mat Cleaning

    Cloth Steam Wash-750


    <3>Air Conditioner Cleaning

    AC Wash


    (3)Sterilization & Disinfection: 

    Steam Sterilization

        Guangzhou Testing Center of Industrial Microbiology's sterilizing report for a 3.5bar smaller steamer with highest steam temperature of only 140ºC. While HF3060New can get 8bar 170ºC.


    (4)Deodorize & Degarde Chemical Residual

    (5)Water Saving: 1 hour just use 6L water

    1Water 250Steam

    1 Water can Output 250 Steam


    (6)Portable, Easy Carry
    Portable Steamer



    (7)Stronger Steam OutputSteam Confrontation




    (8)Stable Steam for All Day Long Heavy Duty Work

    Steam Car Washer for 24 Hours All Day Long Heavy Duty WorkMany other brands only spray for 1-3minutes, then no steam, have to wait.



    (9)Home Use Toy Grade Design VS Heng An Commercial/Industrial Design

    Steam Brand Compare




    4. Working Theory and Advantages:

    Steam cleaning takes the advantage of heat and pressure. The heat can expand and soften the dust and degrade the oil stains. Then the high pressure steam can blow off all these dust and stains, and it will be better with assistance of towel or glove. So steam cleaning can clean up objects gently, with no damage on the surface. The high pressure has another advantage, that is to clean up corners, which traditional water-cleaning cannot compete with. Besides, the low humidity of the steam makes it able to clean electronic components, doing no harm to the circuit inside. Moreover, because of its heat, it has the sterilization effect as well.
    Steam Thermal Cleaning




    5.Accessories and Packing:
           1. Steam hose 1pc;

           2. Steam gunjet 1pc;

           3. Towel 1 pc;

           4. Brush 1pc;

           5. Fuse 2pc, etc.

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